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Technology at School

Value Added and One Credit Courses for Biomedical Engineers

The Value Added Education Courses aim to provide additional learner-centric graded skill-oriented technical training, with the primary objective of improving the employability skills of students. 

The main objectives of the program are: To provide students an understanding of the expectations of industry.

Call for the Full Course Syllabus


  1. Haemodialyzer and its application

  2. Probes, Modes, and Visualizing techniques of Ultrasound Machine

  3. Modes of ICU Ventilators and Oxygen Concentrators

  4. Handling and trouble-shooting of Medical Pumps and its remedies

  5. Internal Operations of Defibrillator and Patient Monitoring Device.

  6. Demonstration grants of Various Medical Endoscopy

  7. 3D cum Bio-Printing Techniques

  8. Medical Standardizations and its importance

  9. Basic Documentation requirements of NABL and NABH

  10. Various Clinical trials and its risk modalities

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